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Bill Triggers The Alex Linder-Tards

  • Bill did a show with Carolyn Yeager where he debated a clown named Will Williams, and for those who haven't heard it yet, I'd highly recommend it.

    Well, apparently Will Williams is a darling of the Christ-hating WNers over at Alex Linder's Vanguard News Network, and it's amusing to read the comments in their forum about the show. One of the interesting reactions to Bill was surprise--they were surprised that such a polished, smart man such as Bill could possibly be a "xtian-tard" who falls for the "jew religion" that has "emasculated" the White race. Alex Linder, of course, is an unapologetic Christ-basher, which is why his organization, VNN, attracts so many bottom-of-the-barrel racists and jew-haters--along with ADL sock puppets.

    I did a search of the VNN forum for "Finck" to see what they had to say about Bill, and of course, the posts are all the typical smears, condescensions, and straw man arguments. Here's what Linder himself wrote about Bill:

    "He's some kind of CI. Haven't heard of him before. Listening to the show. I'm surprised Will doesn't know better than to be drawn into that kind of garbage. Not a single good thing can come from giving CI any recognition whatsoever, it is pure crankdom."

    Of course, Linder ignores the veracity of Bill's arguments with Will Williams and merely states that WNers should never engage with CI people because it's a no-win situation. I would love to see Linder try to debate Bill on any issue, but Linder would never do that because he doesn't have the knowledge to counter anything Bill would say--and he'd end up looking no better than Will Williams, and Linder has his "tough-guy" image to protect among his stooges. Linder is basically a smarter version of Andrew Anglin, but he's equally ignorant in many ways.

    Apparently, a lot of VNNers visit Bill's Mein Kampf Project, and have a begrudging respect for the material--all except for Bill's contention that Hitler--and National Socialism in general--was Christian. Here's Linder's ignorant reaction to Bill's thesis:

    "How good a christian could Hitler be if the Pope denounced Nazism and racism by name? if christianity had an effective way to fight jews, surely all the Catholics in the upper ranks of the Nazis would have used it. They didnt, because CHRISTIANITY IS NOT EFFECTIVE IN OPPOSING JEWS. Only acorn-brained idiots say otherwise."

    So the "proof" that Hitler wasn't a Christian is that the judaized Pope denounced him. Did it ever occur to Linder that the Pope denounced Hitler because Hitler was a true racial Christian who exposed the fraudulence of the Church? Linder also assumes that the Catholic Church is legitimately anti-jew, which it is not, and hasn't been since the jew Leo X took the papacy. It is Catholicism and the other judaized denominational churches that are not effective in opposing the jews, not true Christianity, and Hitler proved that. At least, that's what my "acorn brain" logic tells me.

    Alex Linder needs to ask himself why White Nationalism, which he promotes, is not effective in opposing the jews. I asked myself that question many years ago, which is why I stopped listening to Alex Linder and started looking elsewhere for the answers. Bill had them.
      January 5, 2018 9:54 AM PST
  • And of course, this is the struggle in this Info War which is particularly frustrating, WN's should be more receptive to our message.
    They fear a Christian lifestyle that would deprive them of their Hedonistic/ Carnal lust's. They live a lie that tells them they are
    Superior not only to non whites, but Christ himself. How do you express Racial pride while fornicating with Chinks and Hottentots.
    Linder is not the problem, they want to be lied too, and they are being sent that strong delusion promised to those that would
    rather believe the lie. They have no excuses because the Truth is hidden in plain sight. It is not as if these contentions have
    not already been put to rest by the scholarly work made available to them. Positive Christianity in the Third Reich should
    silence these fools, Linder is confident that most all of his followers are intellectual basket cases that cannot think for
    themselves. And he is right.. Just when was the RCC ever Christian anyhow? Opposing the Jews?
    All of this BS and distraction does nothing but buy time for our adversaries, so how could you help thinking
    this is controlled opposition, that understands the ease in manipulating these fools, against our CI message.
    They know the best way to hide facts, is to put them in a They cannot handle more than soundbites...
    Yes Ezra, very entertaining program...
      January 5, 2018 10:12 AM PST