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  • Azal ali
    Womens rights, black rights, human rights....what about animal rights? People we've come a long way! We use to have gladiator battle and fight each for entertainment! But now we...  more
    Last post by Malik subhan - Apr 6
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  • Azal ali
    What's more important... human rights or animal rights ?
    Last post by Malik subhan - Apr 6
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  • dbz super
    Do you think animals HAVE any for a start? If so, which rights?
    Last post by Jacob H - Apr 6
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  • dbz super
    List Of HUMAN RIGHTS? i know what human rights are.. i just want the specific human rights themselves I am bassically looking for a list of human rights for...  more
    Last post by dbz super - July 5, 2016
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  • Britanica Marie
    The irony of a lot of people fighting for rights is that they are openly and freely giving them away at the same time. With all this sensorship happening, not being able to...  more
    Last post by dbz super - July 5, 2016
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  • James Bay
    Please help support these folks.  It is crucial in helping each community so there are no unwanted pets and stop kill-shelters.
    Last post by Asadullah Shaikh - July 5, 2016
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  • James Bay
    I live in a high rise condo and recently heard a small dog barking on one of the balconies above me at 4am with an outside temperature of 38 degrees.  This is disgusting to...  more
    Last post by James Bay - April 4, 2017
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