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  • Jacob H
    I don't really hear from a lot of them, because they're mostly concentrated in India. So there's almost no reason for me to talk about Hinduism. The only time I ever have was...  more
    Last post by Jacob H - Apr 6
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  • James Bay
    Is this a religion or cult?
    Last post by John Belley - Apr 6
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  • erik jar
    do you believe in god ? I believe every person is their own personal God 
    Last post by John Belley - Apr 6
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  • Britanica Marie
    In American, people have been daming and trying to kill off Christian orginizations, churches, and schools for the last 30 years but more now than ever are they under fire. It...  more
    Last post by Asadullah Shaikh - July 5, 2016
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