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  • Posted By : James Bay
  • Posted On : May 21, 2016
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  • If you have never heard of this statement before, you need to know the real facts about the cancer industry. It is true that cancer industry doesn’t want to disclose the cure for all kinds of cancer. It would be ironic to ask the question, why? Because we already the answer – Money. The cancer industry is one of the biggest money earning industry of the time.

    They don’t want people to know about effective cures which are not only safe but also very cheap. Cancer industry only promotes expensive and toxic cures that do more bad than good.

    Cancer Industry Mafia

    Many doctors claim that there are so many cures for cancer but you will never hear about them because they are cheap. There is a huge mafia in this industry who don’t want to damage their business by promoting these effective and cheap remedies.

    Raising billions of dollars to create harmful remedies that can create more illness is the key to success for this business. These people are just fighting a fake war on cancer.

    A few years ago, there was a drug used for metabolic disorder but the cancer industry didn’t show any interest to follow up on dichloroacetate (DCA). Researchers confirmed cancer is not some kind of a genetic issue but a metabolic malfunction and DCA can make cancer cell destroy itself.

    Research team at Alberta University tested the drug on cancerous mice with a lot of success. The worst side effects of this drugs were little numbness and minor affected gait. Researchers fed the drug to mice in water and noticed remarkable change in the size of tumor in a few weeks but this drug is no longer patented.

    Cancer has become an industry of $400 billion a year. There are many charitable foundations on the name of cancer with huge salaries and benefits. Their profit depends on not finding any cure for cancer.

    Good Diet and Alternative Therapies Are Actively Supressed

    Even in medical schools which are under the control of AMA, nobody teaches you the benefits of good diet and nutrition or about healing or boosting immune system natural herbs.

    If anyone finds out any alternate therapy for cancer which is effective and harmless, cancer industry suppresses them and give them no funds because of the threat to their profits.

    Two time Nobel prize winner Linus Pauling said,

    Everyone should know that the ‘war on cancer’ is a huge fraud.”

    Many People Just Die Because of the Side-effects of the Current “Best” Therapy

    For more than 50-60 years, we hear many promising cures for cancer are around the corner by cancer industry, yet we see more people getting cancer and more people dying because of cancer. It makes it obvious that we are losing our war on cancer.

    The millions of people that are diagnosed with cancer, but actually die because of the side effects of radiation and chemotherapy. All these deaths are recorded as due to cancer but not due to the mainstream treatment.

    Many researchers claim that if you don’t choose radiation and chemotherapy, you have more chances to live long but if you go through these mainstream treatments you have high chances of dying because of the side effects.

    A hard reality to digest but it is a fact that cancer industry is controlled by evil people who are playing with our lives just to make a vast amount of money.