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  • Posted By : James Bay
  • Posted On : May 18, 2016
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  • There is no doubt that the most vulnerable society to drugs and such stuff is the American society and that no matter whatever they do to protect the world, they might not be able to solve its own problems when it comes to this. These are undoubtedly, the results of big pharmaceuticals that have hooked the country to such dealings.

    A New Level of Drug Addiction

    There have been numerous teenagers who have been smoking pot but have been led to the extent of drug injection over the time. The addiction of this drug named OxyContin is often taken by teenagers to overcome their addiction and pain needs which have been proven to do what it says.

    Any teenager that begins to take pain killers such as Percocet, then advances on to OxyContin. These could be easily available to anyone who has a cancer fighting or any such patient in the house. Even if the teenager has no access to his addiction anymore, he could get access to them in wider amounts from anyone who is suffering from pain such as a friend who suffers from Fibromyalgia (the sufferer experiences long term body wide pain and joints, muscles, tendons, ligaments and other tissues tend to get tender). Of course the condition would lead to unexpected results like vomiting, sweating, headaches and much more due to the change in the routine drug which might be even taken as flu or such normal problems at first.

    Upon reached by a doctor in a hospital at a much serious level, he would never confess to having the drug which would lead to the doctors being clueless. Some pills would eventually work out for him to go back home again as the symptoms vanish away themselves, for it was just a one-time change in dose.

    Many teenagers do this when they try to get rid of drugs through facilities and treatments and even end up taking Oxy to ease the pain but in turn get addicted to it in addition to falling extremely sick when it’s not found. They tend to end up snorting or shooting Oxy and then even Heroin when Oxy isn’t found. This is easy for anyone who could get blank prescriptions from the black market which ultimately becomes a habit. Sometimes caught doing such illegal prescription work would lead them to jail.

    The Pharma Industry Is Letting This Happen

    The ingredient behind Oxy isn’t new and shall continue as the new patent is renewed next month. The ingredient was made in Germany in 1916. It is important to know that the patent under which it came had already expired under the hood in which it had been released. But these people created their variants as Fentanyl, Codeine, Hydrocone, etc. to refurbish the facts of the expired patent. They even claimed that their drug was under less than 1 % addictive, hence being unique.

    More than 40 national management pain and speaker conferences were conducted to convince the people in Florida, Arizona and California during 1996 to 2001 and more than 5000 physicists and pharmacists took out to the all paid symposium with free trials.

    Now such motivation obviously worked and the truth never came out rendering the American generation vulnerable.