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  • The Zodiac Club

    The Zodiac Club is a secret society in New York that comprises of twelve men who meet together and eat six times each year. They have done this since 1868 and even as its members change this custom has proceeded. Numerous conspiracy theorists trust that the club is really a branch of the Illuminati.

    The Zodiac Club had no standing rules or unnecessary services. The gathering's motivation was straightforward: meet for supper on the last Saturday of every month between November and May. Just twelve individuals would ever be a piece of the gathering at one time, and each would acquire a zodiacal sign, irrelevant to his birth sign. Individuals left their seat by death or resigned, for the most part due to age factor and ailing wellbeing. New individuals must be picked collectively and after that welcomed.

    Every month one of the Signs, as they called themselves, was designated the "food provider." He would be in charge of arranging supper at one of the city's selective feasting spots like Union Club, the Metropolitan Club, Delmonico's, or Sherry's.

    At times supper was held in one of their Manhattan homes. The Signs included men from the most noteworthy echelons of New York society. All were exceptionally rich and had boasted degrees from Yale, Harvard or Columbia. Numerous were local New Yorkers.

    For men of such uncommon wealth, they followed and commented on the cash used to pay for suppers to a fanatical degree. There appeared to be no modesty in talking about and tracking each penny spent. It was in their constitution that every member pays $5 toward the expense of every supper and the attending members pay any extra expenses to settle the expense of the dinner.

    The Zodiac Club still meeting constantly, somewhat from a feeling of commitment, and it would keep on doing so for whatever length of time that it appeared to be relevant.