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James Bay
James Bay
in Technology - July 28, 2016
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See Overview on Q
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The Storm is another name for Qanon.  See Rationawiki for more information.
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James Bay
James Bay
in Books - August 6, 2017
The liberal media machine did everything they could to keep this book out of your hands. Now, fin...
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James Bay
James Bay
in Books - April 28, 2017
Debates over constitutional rights impact you every day as an American citizen. But do you know w...
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James Bay
James Bay
in Books - April 14, 2017
From Amazon Top 60 bestselling author - Carl Gallups FOREWORD - Joseph Farah What if ...
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James Bay
James Bay
in Books - April 8, 2017
Known for his network of conservative websites that draws millions of readers everyday, Andrew Br...
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Who we are and what this site is about:


ExposedNet.Org is a non-profit company focused solely on bringing together like minded individuals who, in their heart, know the world we live in needs to be changed for the better.  We have created a site which is based on a Social Network to allow for more of an interaction with each other, over just reading news, reading Blogs or doing research.  Here, you can publicly share, discuss and provide research topics of your own to help contribute to the greater good of society.


The world we live in has been set up by the elite (and their heirs) for the sole purpose of creating more money, control and power for themselves on the backs of billions of enslaved people.  We, as a whole, need to expose their lies and corruption and tell the world we are not going to take it anymore.  No more invading countries for their natural resources, no more fractional banking, no more mandatory vaccines (and other pharmaceutical tricks to harm us), no more secret societies and no more harming the environment, humans and the animals of this incredible world we call earth.


Please take the time to help educate others and contribute your stories or discussions about things we all know are wrong, but are being covered up by individuals who want to dumb you down and be subservient.  Topics of discussion can be: ancient aliens, government lies and corruption, the medical industrial complex, the military industrial complex, ATS and “big brother”, human and animal abuse, secret societies and the “one world order” and anything else that needs to be exposed and fixed.


This is your Conspiracy Network.  This is the Exposed Network and we all can make a difference.  Information is power!